¿What is Mesa Para 3?

“Mesa para 3” is an awareness project promoted by Stoller Europe. Its intention is to give visibility to a disturbing fact pointed out by the UN in one of its studies: by 2050, the world will have to increase its food production a 70% to supply its entire population.

The fiction short film led by Luis Mottola, Alexandra Masangkay, Paco Tous, Nacho Guerreros, Nerea Garmendia and Luís Zahera is joined by three round tables in which leading specialists in agriculture, climate change and the efficient use of resources reflect on the future food of our planet.

3 Round Tables

“Climate Change”

A meeting with Francisco Pérez (CEBAS-CSIC), Luís Asín (Director of Fruit Growing Projects) and Rodrigo Oliveira (CCO of Stoller Group).

“Nutrient Use Efficiency”

A meeting with Sara Ibáñez (Attached to the Soil Teaching Unit of the Plant Production Department and researcher at the CVER (Valencian Center for Irrigation Studies), José Ignacio Cuerva (Technical Director of Hijos de Federico Lis) and Sergio Aguilar (Vice President of Stoller Group for EMEA).

“Water Use Efficiency”

A meeting with Antonio Sánchez (Agrochemistry and Biochemistry of the University of Alicante), José Padilla (Technical Director of Frutas Tono) and Maurício Andrião (General Manager of Stoller Europe).

Behind the Table

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About Stoller Europe

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